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London Andrews – Boobs Over Miami

Wobblers Over Miami

Boobs Over Miami

London Andrews lived a nomadic, very unusual lifestyle as a glamour model for years and that babe blogged about it regularly. I called her the “Beat” model. She traveled from town to city, town to town, posing for every kind of photographer imaginable, most of ‘em amateurs. Many of ‘em were amateurs with excellent technical skills and creative technique. So the pics London made, either for intimate collections or for the photographers’ personal websites, are often more mind boggling than the work of competent photographers who discharge mechanically with no excitement for their subjects. There’re countless photography enthusiasts all over the States that no one knows about. London would identify ‘em. Or they would find her.

London was constantly on the go, doing one lengthy road tour all over The United States of America. Almost every state in the US. The yearly Burning Stud festivals. That babe was like the dominant-bitch equivalent of the 2 lads in the mature TV show, Route 66, driving all over the THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA.

She one time wrote: “Jack Kerouac’s 1957 novel On the Road is considered one of the defining works of the Beat Generation…I am plan to re-live the tour London Andrews style – as an art adult model, half undressed, pumping gas on an LA street for some specie – life is fascinating, live it.” It was a difficult lifestyle at times. These days, London seems to be settled down in one place.

London made merely two full-sex hardcore movies and one Fun bags & Tugs jack-off video. That was for SCORE merely. That babe not at any time did another to this day although this babe would have been booked on the spot if this babe went to Los Angeles. Shooting porn regularly didn’t appeal to her.

“On a everyday day if you ever ran into me on the street, you’d not at all look twice,” said London. “My sexy outfit are well broken in. The jeans are torn, my boots have observed four continents, my shirts go straight to my neck and I don’t wear make-up. I do have nice things. I just wear ‘em when I feel that I need to.”

“I like pushy, rough sex,” London told when she was at SCORE. “That satisfies me just precious! I am not a passive person in daybed and I am not a passive person in life. I’ve my close allies, my a-hole call allies, whom I can call whenever I get to get off.”

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Annette Hotwife – Annette Fucks, Hubby Watches

Annette Copulates, Boyfriend Watches

Annette Shags, Hubby Watches

“I want you to watch me fuck a charmer,” 48-year-old first-timer Annette says to the camera.

That babe could be talking to her husband, who’s sitting several feet away watching, with out look at of the digital camera.

That gent could be watching 25-year-old Rocky mouthing on his wife’s large juggs.

That lady-killer could be watching his wife sloppily deep-throating Rocky’s porn rod.

This chab could be watching his wife’s wet crack getting drilled every which way.

This stud could be watching Rocky cumming inside his wife’s well-drilled wet crack.

In fact, all of those things were going on.

Annette, who has two kids back home in Las Vegas and works in software, is one of the finest first-timers we’ve ever viewed. Her oral job skills are fantastic. We have not ever watched a HORNY HOUSEWIFE acquire a 10-Pounder quite so juicy.

Oh, by the way, Annette could have been talking to you, too. And that babe was.

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Luna Azul – 25 and 24 go into 63

25 and Twenty four enter 63

25 and Twenty four go into 63

“Someone one time asked me, ‘Luna, do u adore young schlong?’” told 63-year-old Luna Azul. “And I responded by saying, ‘Does a bear shit in the woods?’ Certainly I like juvenile jock. A lady my age appreciates a youthful, inflexible jock. So of course I adore youthful ramrod. And I urge some. But I’m thinking, ‘What’s more excellent than one juvenile penis?’ How about two juvenile jocks?”

Hey, why not?

Now, Luna has screwed 2 studs one time in advance of at 60PlusMILFs.com. But those chaps were a bit older than the boys she’s banging here.

So let us do the math.

As we told, Luna is 63 years aged.

Rocky, the lady-killer who’s plan to cum on her face, is Twenty five years aged.

Jeremy, the lad who’s going to discharge his cum inside her wet crack, is 24 years old.


In other words, Luna is 14 years maturer than one as well as the other boyz combined!

How’s that for some horny-older-divorcee/MILF/GILF/slut-fucks-young-guys action?

Luna at no time disappoints.

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Brandi Fox – Sweet Gullible Brandi

Pleasing Gullible Brandi

Sweet Gullible Brandi

Ah, Brandi, one more adorable HORNY HOUSEWIFE. You like them and we like ‘em. Especially when they’re as precious as Brandi. Wonderful and gullible. See, Brandi wishes to be a fashion glamour model for tiny boutique stores around where that babe lives. We know all this ‘cuz the photographer, Richard Fowler, told us. U can always count on a scammer for a wonderful story.

“Hello, NaughtyMag editors. I’ve been a longtime member of your site and have purchased more than a diminutive in number of your magazines. If anybody can appreciate what I’m doing, it is u. A photographer by trade, I’ve been posting ads pursuing glamour models for local small-business trade magazines. The beauties I get are wonderful, but they at no time have experience. After a hardly any troublesome “test-shots”, they quickly realize they aren’t up to snuff, but with out the goodness of my heart I’ll take some adult modeling shots so they can build a portfolio of work. We’re both already there and the digi camera is warmed up, right? You wouldn’t make almost certainly of how many of these babes fall for it. Enclosed in my email you’ll identify a scarcely any snaps of a bitch angel named Brandi. I would be honored if you’d run her for MILF Monday. Yours indeed, Rich Fowler.”

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Billie Austin – Ripe and Ready

Mellow and Willing

Ripe and Ready

“My Mama recognized I was intend to be a shapely and voluptuous female,” Billie Austin told us on her 1st visit to our studios. “She taught me how to carry myself and dress well to my body shape. She always said, ‘If you got it, unveil it and for heaven’s sake, don’t ever be ashamed of it.”

We want we could personally thank Billie’s Mommy for bestowing those words of wisdom upon our latest discovery. This 42H-cup Texas beauty has a lot to show and totally nothing to be ashamed of, and we could not be happier to have her.

Certainly, when a cutie like Billie shows her meatballs and curves, she is gonna attract lots of attention. And at the tender age of Thirty two, this girl has heard it all.

“I’ve heard just about each line in the book,” Billie said. “The funniest one was when a boy traipsed up to me and told, ‘Damn, hotty, your hands are miniature. I’d bet they’d make my weenie look colossal!’ It was gorgeous hilarious.”

Billie isn’t afraid to let a lady-killer (or woman) know what she desires either.

“I’m nice-looking str8 forward,” Billie told. “I guess assertive is the word to use. I’ll let a woman chaser or lady know what I crave in daybed. However, I should say that the uncomplaining role is more natural to me. I love taking it valuable and rigid from a big, beefy Lothario.”

That is what XL Bucks adore to hear.

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Goldie Blair – Wrestling Facesitter

Wrestling Facesitter

Wrestling Facesitter

Goldie Blair began making wrestling movies about eight years ago. Cat fights and swim suit wrestling is her thing. Goldie demonstrates some of her moves step-by-step on JMac who obliges by serving as the practice subject. During the time that the Mac Guy would have rather gang rogered Goldie (she jacked his penis in a Milk shakes & Tugs six years ago), this chab appears love this stud kind of enjoyed having Goldie sit on his face.

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Cheyanne – U.S. Open Pussy

U.S. Open Love tunnel

U.S. Open Pussy

Cheyanne, a 50 something wife and Mom from Oklahoma, enjoyed showing off her body in 40SomethingMag.com and rogering at 50PlusMILFs.com so much that that babe is started going exposed around town.

“I’ve started driving topless,” she said. “It’s such a rush when I pull up to a stoplight and a lad looks down from his rig. I get tons of honks from randy truckers!”

Cheyanne isn’t known for teasing, so you’d more wonderful believe she doesn’t just flash those truckers and leave them with blue balls.

“I’d not at any time do that! My spouse can’t live without when I shag strangers, so I’ll go and suck off fellows at the van prevent. My spouse has observed me service whole lines of them. It makes him rock hard as a rock, and when we get home this man shags me naive.”

You might recall that Cheyanne got into swinging cuz she needed something to pass the time during the time that her spouse was without town working. Almost all sweethearts find a hobby. Cheyanne’s hobby is screwing.

And, no, she doesn’t play tennis.

“I’m already a lewd grandma, but I cant wait until I am a smutty great-grandma. I wish to be getting group-fucked well into my 80′s. As long as lads still detect me sexy and crave me to suck their dongs, I’ll be willing and on my knees for ‘em.”

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Lola Hot – The Sweet Body Of Lola Hot

The Enjoyable Body Of Lola Hawt

The Pleasing Body Of Lola Hot

Lola Hawt is a cute, youthful, Czech-next-door and a new launch at SCORELAND. Lola’s new to glamour modeling and before SCORE, had merely done a few local lingerie and bikini discharges. Lola is a voluptuous high school scholar who adult models on the weekends and was interested in glamour stuff at 1st. U know, pictures of adult models looking off into the horizon and all covered up in some fancy-schmancy outfit. “Top Model” shit. Then she met us.

Lola models when it doesn’t interfere with her classes and studies. “I always wanted sex with my teacher of mathematics,” Lola confessed. Lola speaks Czech and German but little English. At 1st, that babe didn’t appear to be the type to wanna shoot full-sex XXX with dudes but this babe surprised everyone.

When Lola saw her first SCORELAND solo movies in which she fingered her tight pussy-hole, this babe said, “I play with myself at home, but I feel sexier doing this. I liked looking at the vids and fotos of myself afterwards and it got me lewd again. I will play with myself when I’m alone at home. But I’d rather have a petticoat chaser give me pleasure. I will masturbate thinking about that.”

“I acquire lots of attention because of my bazookas and my body,” told Lola. “So I thought that I should try modeling. Lads are always telling me that and asking if I am a model.”

In this scene, her second at SCOREVideos (“Prepared For Sex” was her 1st), Lola acquires home from a date with Matt and they retire to the bed. She’s dressed adore the archetypal hot, young chick: heels, tight short-shorts, an open, constricted shirt knotted at the waist.

They initiate making out and Matt goes right for Lola’s bigger than average, impressive whoppers. Before you know it, he is got his jock in her mouth and she is engulfing it adore a lollipop. She even jacks him off herself into her face hole after that charmer screws her hard. We tell ya, these gals today. Sex is no big deal to ‘em. They’re not looking to acquire married. They’re adore bucks. They wish to screw and have orgasms. If they do not have a hubby or a arse call, they’ll whack one out themselves with a toy.

“I always get attention coz of my mammaries and I love it. My mounds grew big late. I was Eighteen years mature. I love my milk shakes coz they make me feel love a female.”

Amen to that, Lola.

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Rogue – A Rogue in the Bedroom

A Rogue in the Bedroom

A Rogue in the Bedroom

“I like getting flirtatious and adventurous with my dude,” Rogue said us. “I adore being a cutie coz I can work boyz up so much just by winking a certain way or stroking his haunch just a bit also high. I get off on that vigour. I especially love when I can see his ramrod initiate to receive inflexible throughout his trousers. That’s how a angel knows that that babe is doing a admirable job.”

“When my hubby came home with his fresh digital camera and told me that we didn’t have any admirable images of us as a pair, I knew that he wasn’t thinking about family portraits. It wasn’t lengthy in advance of my hot garments started to come off and I was butt-naked in the bedroom. We’ve done pictures in advance of and I adore posing.”

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